Psytrance festivals are a weekend of freedom, bliss and carefree fun. However, as with anything in life, being prepared is always a good idea! Unexpected bad weather, a forgotten ticket or a lost phone could all spoil an otherwise perfect experience.

With that in mind, let’s run through a little checklist to ensure your psychedelic celebration goes off without a hitch!

Clothing and camping gear

Be sure to pack an extra set of warm clothes. While Cape Town is famed worldwide for its fabulous weather, anyone who’s lived here for more than a year will know it can change at the drop of a hat! So while a hat and suncream are essential, a rain jacket or umbrella is equally as important. Even if it doesn’t rain, clear skies and a bit of wind can result in a severe drop in temperature overnight. Make sure to have something warm for when moving between your campsite and the dancefloor.

Camping can get very bleak if it rains. If you aren’t 100% certain of your tent’s waterproof abilities, bring an extra tarp or rain cover to throw over it – waking up in a puddle is never fun! This can also double up as a sunshade or ground sheet.

Food, alcohol, money

Organik events ensure you have a wide variety of options when it comes to food and the bar remains well stocked throughout the festival. However, if you have any special dietary requirements or just a specific type of food you enjoy, make sure to bring it. Unfortunately, due to high fire risk, no cooking equipment of any kind is allowed on site. This includes fires, skottles, braais and gas stoves. Warm food and drinks will be available from several food stalls around the festival.

The bar will not be serving alcohol from 2 am to 10 am every night so be sure to bring any additional alcohol if you would like to drink during these hours. Soft drinks will be available at all hours. Drinking water will be freely available on site but it would not be a bad idea to bring an extra bottle or two for your campsite.

Please bring sufficient cash for the entire festival as ATM facilities are not available on site. Make sure you know the directions before you leave – Google map link provided. If you have bought a presale ticket make sure to download it to your phone or print it out.

Environmental concerns

Organik work year round to source and develop some of the best psytrance festival venues in the world. In order to keep using these venues, it is imperative that we all work together to protect the environment. Organik ensure to recycle as much as possible but the less trash the better!

Don’t bring any unnecessary items that could result in excessive litter and be sure to bring extra black bags to use within your campsite. Dustbins will be provided throughout the entire festival area so please be sure to use them for everything – including cigarette butts! If there is no bin nearby please tear off the remaining paper and tobacco and keep the butt until you see a bin. Cigarette butts are one of the worst offenders when it comes to environmental damage.

Please do not bring glass bottles as these often break and can cause injury. Reusable plastic drinking bottles are encouraged. Before leaving, ensure your campsite is completely clean – the farmers will not allow us to reuse their land if we leave a mess!

Hot showers are available free on site and the use of eco-friendly soap and shampoo is encouraged.

Safety and security

Organik festivals are monitored 24/7 by a highly professional team of security experts. However, it is impossible to avoid all instances of crime. Please leave any valuables safely locked in your car and not in your tent. If you notice any suspicious behaviour, report it immediately to your nearest identifiable security or staff member.

When dancing, make sure to remain hydrated at all times. There are medical professionals on hand 24/7 should you ever feel unwell. Do not take risks with your physical or mental health – if you do not feel good, tell somebody. We are here to help!

Organik’s Riviersonderend venue features a beautiful dam to cool down in during the heat of the day so bring a towel and costume. Swimming is entirely at your own risk and is prohibited after 5 pm for safety reasons.

DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! If you do not have a designated driver and feel you are unsafe to drive home on Sunday night you are allowed to remain overnight at the venue until Monday morning. No music or noise is permitted on Sunday night as this may disturb the farmers or locals.

Please work with us to maintain the good reputation of the Cape Town psychedelic trance scene and help us to grow its popularity on a global scale.


  • Festival ticket (if presale)
  • Map to venue
  • Hat, sunglasses, suncream
  • Rain jacket / warm clothes
  • Umbrella
  • Tent
  • Waterproof tarp / Sunshade
  • Torch
  • Sleeping bag, mattress
  • Food, alcohol
  • Water
  • Black bags
  • Sufficient cash
  • Eco-friendly soap/shampoo


  • Cooking equipment, fire-lighters, gas stoves etc
  • Glass
  • Unnecessary items that could cause litter
  • Drugs
  • Bad vibes