The Organik team are forging ahead with a long list of developments for the upcoming Cape Town summer season.

Cape Town boasts one the oldest psychedelic trance scenes in South Africa and the community has been growing since its inception in the late 90’s. The psytrance landscape has gone through many changes over the past two decades and has emerged as one of the foremost ambassadors of psychedelic trance the world over.

A strong group of dedicated party organizers has worked tirelessly to fight oppression and resistance from those who would see the scene defamed and disbanded. Organik hopes to continue this tradition of innovation that has secured Cape Town a place as one of the top psychedelic trance destinations globally.

As we move forward into what is shaping up to be another epic summer season, Organik would like to share with you their plans for providing party-goers with an unparalleled psychedelic experience.


A focus on psytrance

This season, Organik parties will be focused on maintaining the integrity of psytrance and keeping true to its roots. As a result, we will be putting all of our energy into the main psytrance dancefloor and not diluting the experience with dancefloors playing other musical genres. This concept derives from the idea of presenting a singular, rhythmic current that will bring together and connect all festival-goers in one pulsating movement of peace and love.

One stage, multiple configurations

We are currently building an adaptable, mobile main stage which will tour with us to each venue and morph into a unique auditory temple for each individual event. This way we can ensure a high quality of sound at every event while still providing a fresh visual experience that will form an eye-catching display at the center of each festival.

An all-inclusive community

Organik recognizes the diverse range of age groups that attend psychedelic trance festivals and to celebrate the beauty of this inclusivity we will be offering free tickets to all attendees over the age of 60. We believe the power and love of psytrance should be enjoyed by all and wish to do everything we can to ensure this reality is attainable.

Continuous development

As part of our plan, we are continuously researching ways of improving the overall festival experience for our fans. In between events, the Organik team work on a daily basis to discover new and exciting talent from all corners of the globe. We closely and carefully consider each and every artist on our lineup to provide a high quality musical journey.


Gaian Dream: 19 – 21 October 2018

This three-day event, held at our visually stunning and naturally beautiful venue just before Riviersonderend, will be the first Organik festival of the 2018 summer season. In addition to shaded camping, we are building hot showers on site and upgrading the land to provide festival-goers the opportunity to camp next to their vehicles. This and other improvements all represent our ongoing mission to ensure customers have the most enjoyable and comfortable festival experience possible.

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Leon Kane, aka Avalon, is one of the most sought after DJ’s and producers in the psytrance scene today. Since his introduction to the scene in the late 2000’s his reputation has grown immensely. A regular at massive psytrance festivals in Europe, such as Boom Festival and Ozora, Avalon plays a unique style of high energy psy that never fails to fill a dancefloor. He has been featured on a number of compilations and released three full-length albums since 2010.


Australian producer Felix Greenless, aka Terrafractyl, comes from a classical, opera and jazz music background. This diverse range of influences can be heard clearly in his powerful, atmospheric music. One of the most prominent acts in Australia, Terrafractyl is a common name at festivals like Rainbow Serpent and Tribeadelic. He has released four albums since 2009, most notably the 2015 Kinematic Records release Imaginings and Fabrications.

Roots NYE Festival: 30 December 2018 – 1 January 2019

The first Organik new years eve festival, this three-day psytrance only event will be held at Organik’s well-loved and popular venue just outside of Caledon, which boasts beautiful scenery and a naturally tree-shaded dancefloor. The party will feature a Zenon Records night with music from Zenon label boss Sensient as well as other local Zenon artists.

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Logic Bomb

This powerful Swedish act needs no introduction. Jonas Pettersson has been filling psytrance dancefloors since before some of you were born. An unstoppable tour-de-force, the psychedelic stalwart continues to produce some of the most cutting-edge, full-on psychedelic music available today. With releases on over 70 compilations since 1998, there are very few in the psy scene today who haven’t heard of Logic Bomb at some point in their journey.


Zenon records label head Tim Lamer from Australia has been developing his mix of dark and ambient progressive trance since he was 12 years old. He has played at festivals in countries all over the world, including Mexico, Israel, the UK and Brazil and is well-known for his diverse 3 hour sets that cover a range of psytrance subgenres.


Daniel M. Thomas, aka Sinerider, is a relatively new name on the scene, with one album out in 2014 and a collection of tracks featured on compilations. He forms one half of popular UK psytrance act Antispin who also released an album in 2012. He has played his mix of powerful, uplifting psy in many countries around the world including a previous gig in South Africa back in 2016.


The side project of Sinerider is a slightly slower blend of full-on and progressive trance influenced by popular psy acts such as Zen Mechanics and Ace Ventura. It reveals a more experimental variation on his signature sound.

Love Project: 30 – 31 March 2019

The popular annual event will also be held at Organik’s Caledon venue. The festival has had the opportunity to grow and evolve over the years, promoting a message of peace, love and unity. Aimed at uniting all aspects of the psytrance community, this gathering brings together every member of our diverse culture under one banner of alternative and free expression. As the closing party for Organik’s summer festival season, it is always a highlight that the team put every effort into making an unforgettable experience.

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Headliners: TBC

As you can see from the above, the Organik team are working continuously to provide an exceptional level of high quality, multi-day events.