In times of political uncertainty, governmental corruption and city streets plagued by danger, psychedelic trance festivals provide a safe space for young people to enjoy music and nature combined.

Society tends to mold young people’s minds into believing life has a rigid, predetermined course that one must follow. Highly competitive workplaces and judgemental social situations result in stress and feelings of inadequacy. Psychedelic trance festivals are a non-judgemental, all-accepting space where individuals are encouraged to be themselves and live stress-free.

Walk on to any psytrance dancefloor the world over and you’ll see nothing but smiles all around you. Each event emits an abundance of positive energy that even the most cynical of attendees can’t help but absorb. Strangers become best friends and distrust melts away as you realize it is possible for humans to live together in a carefree, loving environment. Many young South Africans struggle daily with high crime and poverty in a life that offers little hope for the future. A weekend escape to a multi-day psytrance festival can serve to re-ignite much-needed positivity and motivate free thought.

Smaller commercial events in clubs and venues are often focused towards making money and selling a brand, with little thought for the attendee. They tend to push high-priced alcohol sales and create a competitive, judgmental environment that doesn’t allow freedom of expression. Psy-trance festivals feature no advertising or visible branding, giving festival-goers an opportunity to escape the constant subliminal marketing that is prevalent in today’s society.

The Benefits of Nature

City dwellers seldom have the inclination or opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, resulting in a lack of exposure to the essential healing properties that nature provides. Instead of concrete walls and fluorescent lighting, at a psytrance festival you can dance barefoot on grass under the moonlight with only trees for walls. This reconnection with nature is one of the key aspects that gives outdoor festivals their positive energy.

The team at Organik have put time and effort into researching what we as a community want most from festivals. They work tirelessly to provide the best venues and freshest music from local and international artists alike. Utilizing a team of well-versed festival ambassadors they ensure tickets are only sold to those who will treat other attendees decently and not take advantage of the festival for unscrupulous means.

The Western Cape offers some of the most beautiful natural locations in the country that Organik works to develop into comfortable, high-value venues with hot showers and excellent camping facilities. The maintenance of the surrounding natural environment takes priority and Organik’s team of cleaners ensure to follow the rule of “leave no trace” after every festival.

Take a weekend to escape the stresses of daily life and join us on the dancefloor where you can enjoy the freshest beats with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.