Large-scale music festivals are, in many ways, gatherings of artists from multiple disciplines. Everything from planning, advertising and logistics to stage construction, decor, sound and music all involve artists in one form or another.

The prevalence of art in the psytrance community is omnipresent, both visually and aurally. Web designers, graphic artists and advertisers all lay the groundwork for promoting festivals, musical productions and album releases. DJ’s and live musicians craft their art in preparation for festival performances while VJ’s practice video editing, lighting and visual mapping.

As the time for a festival draws closer, pressure builds upon all these players to hone and refine their skills in order to deliver the best possible experience. Decor artists spend months designing stage sets, backdrops and shade to wow and amaze guests. Stall owners toil away at their trade, producing endless racks of incredible clothing and jewelry and ornaments. Chefs and cooks whip up all kinds of fabulous dishes and meals to tantalize taste buds and keep festival-goers energized.  Musicians and DJ’s spend tireless hours perfecting each beat and melody in order to deliver the perfect set.

Logistics and planning meld art and science together, requiring both analytical and creative thinkers to achieve a successful outcome in venue, security and aministrative aspects. Stage construction and sound teams work together to provide an unparalleled audio experience across multiple dance floors. Even attendees bring an element of art to the festival in the form of dance and radical expression.

By the time the date of the festival arrives, a mass of creative energy has built up around all those involved and the accumulative effect can often be explosive. This transference of art and ideas mould together to develop further imaginative conduits that release themselves in bursts throughout the festival.

For many artists and attendees alike, a psytrance festival is not only a spectacle of performance but also a place to learn and grow, developing new ideas and trading creative energies. Without this endless stream of incredible, hard-working artists, designers, creators and musicians, the psychedelic trance community wouldn’t exist at all!

Join us this season at one of our festivals as we bring together this broad community of artists to create a beautiful, weekend-long psytrance experience.