Apply for a volunteer position at Gaian Dream 2023

Volunteering is hard work and long hours. You will have the opportunity to see how a quality festival production is run and you will meet the team responsible. If you perform well then you’ll be on the path to becoming a permanent paid crew member. While volunteering you will be provided with a bed to sleep in (bring your own bedding), 3 meals a day and access to hot showers. You will require your own transport.

Please do not apply if you are just looking for a free ticket – volunteering is an important job so please treat it as such. You will be expected to dig holes, climb ladders, swing hammers, use cable ties and partake basic rigging activities. You will not be working at the gate. You will not be working at the bar.

You will be required to be on site from Monday morning 9th October 2023 and will be expected to work until Friday late afternoon 13th October 2023. Please DO NOT apply if you cannot commit to these dates. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TRANSPORT TO THE VENUE.

Apply for a volunteer position